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Social Networking

Social Media

Not too long ago, businesses relied on large advertising budgets to help get their message out to the public. The majority of these budgets were dedicated to traditional advertising methods such as: television, radio and print media to market their goods or services. Often times the expense is just not worth the reward.

Plainly speaking, people are extremely busy and are constantly getting bombarded with information. This clutter of information greatly increases the chance of your message getting lost amongst the noise that occurs in an individual's daily life.

If you are new to social networking you might be asking yourself, "How is developing an intuitive social networking campaign going to help my company grow?"

In their book, Throwing Sheep in the Boardroom: How Online Social Networking Will Transform Your Life, Work and World, Matthew Fraser and Soumitra Dutta, state that the use of social networking sites and services in a business context presents the potential of having a major impact on the world of business and work (2008).

It is several years later and we now see that they were 100% correct! It is hard to find a television show, movie, company, product or service that does not have a Facebook or Twitter presence. Every music artist, professional athlete, and even your favorite politician have Twitter and Facebook pages. Make no mistake your audience is out there and they are listening, waiting to hear from you through all of your social networking channels.

Effective software developed for your specific social networking needs can help any business achieve the following:

  1. Foster and enhance participation and collaboration between partners, service providers and decision makers
  2. Quickly share and access information and/or resources to inform, entertain or support dialogue on key issues impacting those connected to the social network
  3. Communicate with specific audiences e.g. common interest groups, public and private sector
  4. Promote a sense of membership to a community within networks
  5. Establish a professional relationship with people who hold shared interests (e.g. via LinkedIn)
  6. Stay up-to-date on work by peers and on industry trends

Our knowledgeable software developers can help design a social networking campaign allowing you to blog, or tweet your opinions and news. With the proper social networking integration, your content can spread virally with the help of sites like Facebook and MySpace. You can also increase your online presence by having dual viewer ship by hosting videos on your website and YouTube simultaneously.

No matter what the product or service, it is extremely important to allow users to share information through social bookmarking. When customers or clients utilize social bookmarking they are able to more effectively organize the information they like and share it with others.

Social networking also extends to photographs. Store all of your stunning photos on sites, like Flikr or Google Picasa, to help draw a bigger crowd thus increasing your online footprint. Your software could also be designed for geo-tagging or geo-social networking to help communities develop around specific interests allowing you to better target your customer base.

But, why stop with social network marketing? There is another type of networking that can be done online that can help your business succeed. Brand networking allows your customers to connect on a different type of platform and directly connect to the brand image itself. Capitalizing on this new trend will have the brand doing most of the work for you. Your networking software will help the brand develop its own social networking capabilities by allowing certain levels of participation such as allowing users to rank and score what they like and dislike; giving you instant consumer feedback.

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