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About Mystic Media

Online Radio streaming is a tremendous opportunity for traditional AM/FM radio stations and Internet Radio Stations to reach potential listeners and boost online revenue.

By streaming live or prerecorded audio and video content, your station can easily engage visitors who are likely to stick around longer and view multiple web pages on your site. The end result - a decrease in bounce rates and an increase in conversion rates.

Stream your content with one of the most powerful streaming platforms on the Internet! Mystic Media - a strategic affiliate of Securenet Systems, can provide your station with the best turnkey solution for internet-radio streaming services such as: SEO optimization, design and consultation.

Securenet Systems - Hosting, Design, Programming, E-Commerce

Securenet’s high-speed network has built-in redundancy and a support staff that guarantees reliability and maximum uptime. This allows your station to stream great sounding music and/or video content around the world 24/7 with no delays and virtually no downtime. No matter where the broadcast is originating from, a studio, Church, local charity event, sporting event or even a remote location, you'll be able to stream your content directly to as many listeners as desired!

Through our partnership with Securenet Systems, Mystic Media is committed to providing the best online music streaming services around. We feature Securenet’s Cirrus player, which offers a fully customizable media player as well as a free custom made iPhone and Android mobile apps. Sample Player

Click to view a sample player

Securnet’s Cirrus player is by far the best digital media player on the web! Mystic Media has the ability to unlock its full potential. Our marketing strategists will craft the perfect online marketing campaign and our graphic design team can enhance the visual appeal of the pages the media player is embedded on.

Our development team will design the best website for your station if you need one and a mobile app to ensure that your traditional radio station or business can attract new customers and have more opportunities to increase online revenue.

Start streaming music today with the best digital media player around. It is by far the best new tool to market your traditional radio station or company to generate revenue.

Contact Mystic Media today for a Free Consultation to learn more about what online radio streaming can do
for your business.

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